Who We Serve

As a Certified Tax Coach, Sancus Tax and Accounting focuses on high net worth households. The more you make, the more valuable we become. Below are our best clients:

Successful Business Owners

Our tax planning services are highly effective for successful businesses making more than $250,000 each year.

Medical Practices

We offer doctors, dentists, and accomplished medical professionals a comprehensive tax strategy designed to build wealth and minimize your effective tax rate.

High Net Worth Individuals

Our creative tax solutions preserve assets for high net worth families, entrepreneurs, and business owners. We’ll work with you to define a personalized plan to minimize your overall tax burden.

Professional Athletes

We provide proactive tax planning designed to enhance income for professional athletes making more than $1,000,000 each year.

Tax Consulting Services

Call us today at 323-498-1040 or 562-485-9030 to schedule your free evaluation. As a thank you for scheduling your consultation, we'll provide a free book, Thinking Outside the Tax Box.*